Moments Pathétiques

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Evgeny Zarafiants, piano

レコード芸術 準特選
音楽現代 推薦盤

[1] 幻想曲 ニ短調 K.397
[2] ロンド ニ長調 K.485

ピアノ・ソナタ第8番 ハ短調 作品13「悲愴」
 [3] I. Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio
 [4] II. Adagio cantabile
 [5] III. Rondo. Allegro

 [6] 作品23 第4番 ニ長調 Op.23 No.4 in D major
 [7] 作品23 第6番 変ホ長調 Op.23 No.6 in E-flat major
 [8] 作品32 第10番 ロ短調 Op.32 No.10 in B minor
 [9] 作品32 第12番 嬰ト短調 Op.32 No.12 in G-sharp minor

 [10] 作品33 第6番 変ホ長調 Op.33 No.6 in E-flat major
 [11] 作品39 第5番 変ホ短調 Op.39 No.5 in E-flat minor
 [12] 作品39 第7番 ハ短調 Op.39 No.7 in C minor

エフゲニー・ザラフィアンツ (ピアノ)


2006年より、ザグレブ国立音楽院講師に就任。レコーディングも活発に行っており、日本ではALM RECORDS(コジマ録音)より19枚のCDをリリース。『レコード芸術』誌で特選盤に選ばれるなど、高い評価を受けている。さらに、NAXOSからも3枚のCDをリリースし、特にスクリャービン「前奏曲第1集」は、イギリス『グラモフォン』誌の月間ベスト10に選ばれるなど、常に注目を集めている。2005年『音楽の友』誌にて「世界の注目されるピアニスト100人」に入るなど、ザラフィアンツの聴衆の魂を揺さぶる精神性の高い演奏は、毎回大きな感動を与え、熱烈なファンを増やし続けている。

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
[1] Fantasia in D-minor K.397
[2] Rondo in D-major K.485

Ludwig van Beehoven
Piano Sonata No.8 in C minor Op.13 ‘Pathétique’
 [3] I. Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio
 [4] II. Adagio cantabile
 [5] III. Rondo. Allegro

Sergei Rachmaninov
 [6] Op.23 No.4 in D major
 [7] Op.23 No.6 in E-flat major
 [8] Op.32 No.10 in B minor
 [9] Op.32 No.12 in G-sharp minor

 [10] Op.33 No.6 in E-flat major
 [11] Op.39 No.5 in E-flat minor
 [12] Op.39 No.7 in C minor

Evgeny Zarafiants piano

Evgeny Zarafiants
Evgeny Zarafiants was born in Novosibirsk in 1959, into a family of musicians. From the age of six Zarafiants began studying the piano with his father, and at the age of eight he was fully recognized as a child prodigy and entered the Central School of Music at the Moscow-Conservatory, to study with Elena Howen. In 1975, Zarafiants went on to study at the Gnessin High School in Moscow. However, a youthful prank led to his being barred from the prestigious Moscow Conservatory, and instead he was sent to Orsk in the southern Urals. He graduated from the Orsk High School for Music with top honors in 1979. In 1980 he entered the Glinka Academy in Gorki, and after completing undergraduate studies with top honors he went on to complete post-graduate studies as well. During this period he won prizes in the All-Russian Competition and the Rachmaninov Competition and finally managed to launch something of a career within the Soviet Union. It goes without saying that outside Russia nothing was heard of the exciting new artist.
Zarafiants first started to be noticed after winning second prize in the inaugural lvo Pogorelich International Piano Competition held in Pasadena, California, in 1993. Since then, he has given many concerts, mainly in Croatia, where he now lives, in Germany and in Japan.
He has visited Japan regularly since September 1997, and has given both concerts and master classes all over the country. In 2004 he appeared with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, followed by an appearance in 2005 with the Czech Philharmonic, and in 2006 with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also an enthusiastic chamber musician – his performances of the Schumann and Brahms piano quintets with the Zagreb String Quartet were particularly memorable.
Zarafiants has been a teacher at the Zagreb Academy of Music since 2006. He is also a prolific recording artist, having made nineteen CDs for ALM RECORDS {Kojima Recordings) in Japan. His recordings have been highly commended by prestigious publications such as the “Record Geijutsu” on a number of occasions. He has also made three disks for the Naxos label – one of which, Scriabin Preludes Volume 1, was listed in the “Top 10 Recordings of the Month” by the British “Gramophone” magazine. The profound and passionate playing of Evgeny Zarafiants, who was listed as one of the top 100 pianists in the world by the Japanese magazine "Ongaku-no-Tomo”, continues to give great pleasure to his ever-growing fan base.