Symphonies Nos. 7, 8 & 9
“My Home” Overture / “Hussite” Dramatic Overture
ALCD-7242, 7243 税抜価格3,400円 2019/10/07発売  JAN 4530835 112716
Saori INAJIMA & Masahiro OISHI, piano

レコード芸術 準特選盤
音楽現代 推薦盤


[DISC 1]
[1] 序曲「わが故郷」作品62
[2] 劇的序曲「フス教徒」作品67

交響曲第7番 ニ短調 作品70
 [3] 第1楽章 Allegro maestoso
 [4] 第2楽章 Poco adagio
 [5] 第3楽章 Scherzo:Vivace
 [6] 第4楽章 Allegro

[DISC 2]
交響曲第8番 ト長調 作品88
 [1] 第1楽章 Allegro con brio
 [2] 第2楽章 Adagio
 [3] 第3楽章 Allegretto grazioso
 [4] 第4楽章 Allegro ma non troppo

交響曲第9番「新世界より」ホ短調 作品95
 [5] 第1楽章 Adagio
 [6] 第2楽章 Largo
 [7] 第3楽章 Scherzo
 [8] 第4楽章 Allegro con fuoco



録音: 五反田文化センター 2019年1月21−23日 & 2月4−6日


ピアノ・デュオ 稲島 早織 大石 真裕
第10回 かやぶき音楽堂デュオコンクール第1位。第13回 ルーマニア国際音楽コンクールアンサンブル部門 第2位。第34回 愛知ピアノコンクール連弾部門、ならびに2台ピアノ部門にて金賞。ピアノグランプリ2019最高位。

稲島 早織 Saori INAJIMA
公式サイト https://saoriinajimapf.wixsite.com/saori-officialsite

大石 真裕 Masahiro OISHI
在学中よりピアノ・デュオの研究に力を入れ、横浜国際音楽コンクール、岐阜国際音楽祭コンクール、大阪国際音楽コンクール、国際ピアノデュオコンクール(東京)などで優秀な成績を収める。サントリーホール主催「レインボウ21 デビューコンサート」、愛知県文化振興事業団主催「若き音楽家による企画コンサート」、など、各地の企画公募で多数の選定経験を持ち、企画と演奏の双方で実績を重ねている。その他、現在では絶版となったアンサンブル作品の譜面から希少な作品を積極的に演奏する活動を行っており、スメタナ博物館、チェコ共和国大使館、公立ホールや美術館などで、様々な企画公演を開催している。
また、公益社団法人 日本広告写真家協会(APA)正会員として、プロカメラマンとしても活動しており、欧州方面を中心に撮影した作品が写真展や各専門誌等で発表・掲載されている。

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)

[DISC 1]
[1] “My Home” Overture (Domov můj, Předehra), Op. 62†
[2] “Hussite” Dramatic Overture (Husitská, Dramatická předehra), Op. 67†

Symphony No. 7 (Symfonie č. 7), D-minor, Op. 70†
 [3] I. Allegro maestoso
 [4] II. Poco adagio
 [5] III. Scherzo:Vivace
 [6] IV. Allegro

[DISC 2]
Symphony No. 8 (Symfonie č. 8), G-major, Op. 88†
 [1] I. Allegro con brio
 [2] II. Adagio
 [3] III. Allegretto grazioso
 [4] IV. Allegro ma non troppo

Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” (Symfonie č. 9 “Z Nového světa”), E-minor, Op. 95
 [5] I. Adagio
 [6] II. Largo
 [7] III. Scherzo
 [8] IV. Allegro con fuoco

Saori INAJIMA & Masahiro OISHI, piano

†… World premiere recording

Recorded at Gotanda Cultural Center, Tokyo, 21-23 January & 4-6 February 2019

Piano Duo: Saori INAJIMA & Masahiro OISHI
The duo gave its debut performance at the Bedřich Smetana Museum in Prague in 2015, which was highly praised in a Czech music journal.
In 2016, the duo released their debut CD: Bedřich Smetana: My Country – A cycle of symphonic poems (Piano 4 hands) [ALCD-7196]. The disc was chosen as one of the top recommended discs in the Record Geijutsu Magazine, and received high acclaim in the national newspapers including Nikkei Online, which featured an interview and video. On 12 May of the same year, the duo performed the complete cycle of Smetana’s My Country at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo in celebration of the Prague Spring International Music Festival, with the Ambassador in attendance.
Awards include first prize at the 10th Kayabuki Ongakudo Competition for Piano Duo (Kyoto), second prize in the ensemble category of the 13th Romanian International Music Competition in Japan, Gold Medal in both piano four hands and two piano categories of the 34th Aichi Piano Competition, and the highest prize at the Piano Grand Prix 2019.

Saori Inajima studied at the Toho Gakuen Music High School, the Toho Gakuen College Music Department, and after completing a research program at the College she went on to become a Toho Gakuen resident performer. In addition to being selected through an audition process, while she was still a student, to play a piano concerto with the Toho Orchestra Academy, she was selected to perform in College concerts, High School and College graduation concerts and performed as a representative of graduating students at the 12th Newcomer Concert organized by the Japan Piano Technicians Association.
Saori has won prizes in a number of competitions, such as the Student Music Concours of Japan, the International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA, the PTNA Piano Competition etc.
In recent years, she has appeared in several music festivals and concerts in Japan, Czech Republic, France and Poland. She has also performed at various elementary and junior high schools with members of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as part of a children’s educational program organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
She studied piano with Harumi Iida, Shoko Kusuhara and Yoshimi Tamaki, and solfège and harmony with Kunio Sasaki. She has taken part in many masterclasses by renowned pianists in Japan and abroad.
Currently she is active as pianist, piano teacher, and developer of piano teaching materials.
Official site https://saoriinajimapf.wixsite.com/saori-officialsite

Masahiro OISHI
After completing his studies at Toho Gakuen Music High School and the Toho Gakuen College Music Department, Masahiro Oishi studied at the Prague Conservatory. While in college, he pursued his special interest in piano duo, and achieved excellent results at the YOKOHAMA International Music Competition, the GIFU International Music Festival, the OSAKA International Music Competition, and the International Piano Duo Association (Tokyo). He is also experienced as a concert organizer and planner, and has served on selection committees for a wide range of events such as the “RAINBOW 21 Debut Concert” organized by Suntory Hall, and the “Young Artists’ Planning Concert” organized by Aichi Arts Foundation, etc. He also promotes the performance of rare ensemble works which have been out of print for many years, and has organized concerts at the Bedřich Smetana Museum, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo, as well as various public halls and museums.
Masahiro studied piano with Reiko Itokawa, Haruhi Hata, Nobutatsu Kawashima, Takashi Saiki, Reiko Tanaka, Genichiro Murakami and Milan Langer.
Also, as a member of the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association (APA), he is active as a professional photographer, and his photographs, particularly those taken in Europe, have appeared in many magazines.