■ロッシニアーナ ─ギターで聴くオペラの世界─
Opera On Guitar

ALCD-7223税込価格¥3,080(税抜価格¥2,800) 2019/03/07発売 JAN 4530835 112389谷辺昌央(ギター)
Masao Tanibe, guitar

レコード芸術 特選盤
音楽現代 推薦盤

[1] マウロ・ジュリアーニ:ロッシニアーナ 第1番 Op.119
フェルナンド・ソル:モーツァルトの《魔笛》より 6つのアリア Op.19
 [2] Ⅰ. 神官たちの行進
 [3] Ⅱ. 女の悪だくみから身を守れ
 [4] Ⅲ. またお目にかかりましたね
 [5] Ⅳ. なんと素敵な鈴の音だ
 [6] Ⅴ. 立派な人が
 [7] Ⅵ. おお、イジスの神、オジリスの神よ
[8] ヨハン・カスパル・メルツ:エレジー
[9] フェルナンド・ソル:モーツァルトの《魔笛》の主題による変奏曲 Op.9
[10] マウロ・ジュリアーニ:ロッシニアーナ 第5番 Op.123

〈録音〉秩父ミューズパーク 2018年8月20-23日

19世紀ヨーロッパで一世を風靡したロッシーニのオペラをギター一本で! モーツァルトの「魔笛」から美しいアリアの数々—— ギターによる、珠玉のオペラ劇場。

1986年学生ギターコンクール第1位、GLC最優秀賞、1988年クラシカルギターコンクール第1位、1995年東京国際ギターコンクール最高位、2004年ゲーベルスベルク国際ギターコンクール 第1位、 2005年ホセ・トーマス国際ギターコンクール首席入賞、2006年ノルバ・カエサリーナ国際ギターコンクール第1位、ジョアン・ファレッタ国際ギターコンチェルトコンクール第2位、聴衆特別賞など、多数のコンクールで入賞。
CDでは、コジマ録音ALM RECORDSより2010年「アセントゥアード」、2013年「すべての人のための祈り〜ラテン・フォルクローレの煌めき〜」をリリース。いずれもレコード芸術特選盤、読売新聞サウンズボックス特選盤など各方面より高い評価を得る。2015年ドイツMDGレーベルより「日本人作曲家によるギター協奏曲/武満徹、細川俊夫、林光」を世界同時リリース。2013年名古屋音楽ペンクラブ賞、2015年第31回名古屋市文化振興事業団芸術創造賞受賞。

Official website: www.guitar-concerto.jimdo.com

[1] Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829): Rossiniana No.1, Op.119
Fernando Sor (1778-1839): 6 Airs from “The Magic Flute” by Mozart, Op.19
 [2] No.1 Marsch der Priester
 [3] No.2 Bewahret euch vor Welbertücken
 [4] No.3 Seid uns zum zweiten Mal wilkommen
 [5] No.4 Das klingt so herrlich
 [6] No.5 Konnte jeder brave Mann
 [7] No.6 O Isis und Osiris
[8] Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856): Elegie
[9] Fernando Sor: Introduction and variations on a theme from “The Magic Flute” by Mozart, Op.9
[10] Mauro Giuliani: Rossiniana No.5, Op.123

Masao Tanibe guitar
Described as ‘one of the few musicians who touches upon the ultimate truth in music’, and ‘a natural talent, from whose fingers a song pours out with such concentrated sounds’, Masao Tanibe, born in Nagoya in 1974, started learning guitar at the age of seven with his father, who was also a musician. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he went on to study at Hochschule für Musik Köln with R. Aussel, from which he gained a degree with the highest honours. He also studied early music under K. Junghänel, contemporary music with P. Alvares, and music phenomenology with H. Liu. At the Hochschule für MusikKarlsruhe, he studied on the Konzertexamen (performer’s diploma) course with A. von Wangenheim.
He has been awarded numerous prizes in international competitions, including the highest prize in both the Tokyo International Guitar Competition and the Nolba CaesarinaInternational Guitar Competition, he won second prize and the audience prize in the JoAnn Falletta Guitar Concerto Competition.
His first public performance in the USA was in 2005 at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In 2006, he performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (Buffalo, New York) with great success, receiving a standing ovation from the audience of two thousand. The concert was broadcast live on radio throughout the USA and EU. He continues to perform with numerous orchestras, including the Baden Baden Philharmonie, the BochumerSymphoniker (Germany), the Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra (Japan) and orchestras based in Spain and Brazil amongst others.
Tanibe has been invited to participate in music festivals all over the world, such as the Gitarras del Mund (Argentina), where in each case he has been hailed with the highest level of praise. During his tour of South America in 2008, he gave the South American premiere of Hikaru Hayashi’s Guitar Concerto, Northern Sail, as part of a project celebrating the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration. In 2016, he gave a recital marking the 20th anniversary of Toru Takemitsu’s death at the “Toru Takemitsu Festival in Fukuoka” (Japan).
His recording highlights include the highly acclaimed Acentuado (2010) and Oracion para todos (2013), both of which have been released on ALM RECORDS, and the worldwiderelease of Japanese Guitar Concertos/ Toru Takemitsu, Toshio Hosokawa, Hikaru Hayashi, by MDG (Germany).
Based in Japan since 2011, he actively performs and teaches both in Japan and overseas. He was awarded the Nagoya music PEN club award (2013) and the 31st Creative Arts Award from Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency (2015).