Lux in Tenebris/闇の中の光

  サルヴァトーレ・シャリーノ フルート独奏のための作品集 1977 - 2000
 Lux in Tenebris
  Salvatore SCIARRINO   Works for flute solo 1977-2000

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Kaori WAKABAYASHI flute, alto flute
Jumpei TAINAKA photo

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サルヴァトーレ・シャリーノ Salvatore SCIARRINO (1947-)

<Disc 1>
[1] ベルクソンの時計 (1999)
[2] さようなら 風の家 (1993)
[3] 死の太鼓 (1999)
[4] 遠景のオーラ (1977)
[5] フェニキアのイメージ (2000)
[6] 三美神が花開かせるヴィーナス (1989)
[7] ヘルメス (1984)

<Disc 2>
[1] 雲に捧げられたテキストで (1989)
[2] アトンの光輝く地平線 (1989)
[3] 風が運んだ対蹠地からの手紙 (2000)
[4] 遠景のオーラ (1977) *
[5] どのようにして魔法は生み出されるのか? (1985)
[6] 歓喜の歌 (1985)


録音:品川区立五反田文化センター 2019年3月11-12日、8月27-29日、2020年3月16日


(c)Jumpei TAINAKA
サルヴァトーレ・シャリーノ生誕70年を記念し、フルート独奏作品を特集して開催したリサイタル「フルーティッシモ!vol.5」の成果として、2017年度第72回文化庁芸術祭賞 音楽部門新人賞を受賞。日本現代音楽協会主催「現代音楽演奏コンクール“競楽Ⅹ”」第2位。2015年度滋賀県文化奨励賞。2006年平和堂財団芸術奨励賞。アンサンブル九条山メンバーとして、2019年音楽クリティック・クラブ賞奨励賞および令和元年度大阪文化祭奨励賞を受賞。

(c)Jumpei TAINAKA

Salvatore SCIARRINO (1947-)

<Disc 1>
[1] L'orologio di Bergson (1999)
[2] Addio case del vento (1993)
[3] Morte Tamburo (1999)
[4] All'aure in una lontananza (1977)
[5] Immagine fenicia (2000)
[6] Venere che le Grazie la fioriscono (1989)
[7] Hermes (1984)

<Disc 2>
[1] Fra i testi dedicati alle nubi (1989)
[2] L'orizzonte luminoso di Aton (1989)
[3] Lettera degli antipodi portata dal vento (2000)
[4] All'aure in una lontananza (1977) *
[5] Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi ? (1985)
[6] Canzona di ringraziamento (1985)

Kaori WAKABAYASHI (flute, alto flute*)

Recording Location: Gotanda Cultural Center, 11-12 March and 27-29 August 2019, 16 March 2020

Kyoto native Kaori Wakabayashi graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Following her initial shock when she heard violinist Irvine Arditti play a piece by Sciarrino, she met Mario Caroli, who plays numerous Sciarrino works, at Akiyoshidai's Summer Contemporary Music Festival, and subsequently moved to France under a Rohm Music Foundation scholarship to study flute and chamber music in a specialization course at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. She then studied contemporary music expression and performance at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana from which she graduated with unanimous top honors. Her honors thesis was “The influence of Japanese culture and the Japanese time/space concept of ‘MA’ on contemporary European music”. In 2017 she was selected for the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists of the ACA, Government of Japan.
She was awarded both the 72nd ACA National Arts Festival Award and the New Artist Award in light of her extremely successful “Flutissimo Vol. 5” recital on the occasion of Salvatore Sciarrino’s seventieth birthday. She won second prize at the Japan Society for Contemporary Music “Kyogaku X” contemporary music competition. She also awarded the 2015 Shiga Prefecture Cultural Achievement Award and the 2006 Heiwado Foundation Arts Award.  As a member of Ensemble Kujoyama she awarded the 2019 Critic Club Award and the 2019 Osaka Cultural Festival Award.

Having come across Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” at the age of seventeen, I devoted myself to literature and developed a longing for Europe. From there, I learned myths, religions, literature, philosophy, history, and paintings, and finally got to study in Germany when I was twenty years old. My goal during my stay was to see a hundred cities in Germany and so I traveled all over the country, from major cities to small villages. After returning to Japan and graduating from university, I worked for a business company for a while but soon realized it was certainly impossible for me to give up my dream of expressing the sense of romance rising up in myself like magma. So I decided to head in the direction of creative activities. After writing words (novels) and spitting out words (plays), I started to devote myself to photographs that are completed intuitively without the need for even one word. Gradually photography became the center of my life. I moved to Germany when I was thirty, using Hamburg as my base from which to wander around Japan and the world. Having accumulated numerous experiences and thoughts, I am now challenging fundamental themes which close in on the world and the inner nature of human beings such as “what is a ‘city’?”, “who are you?” etc. Therefore, I continue my endless journey to find answers while capturing an enormous amount of words and information contained in the world seen through the viewfinder and taking pictures of the process and the story leading up to the very moment when I actually release the shutter.