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土橋庸人 + 山田岳(ギター)


レコード芸術 特選盤
朝日新聞 for your Collection 推薦盤
stereo 今月の優秀録音盤
音楽現代 注目盤

[1] ヘルムート・ラッヘンマン (1935- ):《コードウェルのための礼砲》(1977)

[2] 福井 とも子 (1960- ):《doublet III》(2017/2020)

ブライアン・ファーニホウ (1943- ):《(まったく)時間がない》(2004)
 [3] I.
 [4] II.
 [5] III.
 [6] IV.
 [7] V.

[8] 中谷 通 (1979- ):《2_1/64_1》(2009)

[9] アルヴィン・ルシエ (1931- ):《Criss-Cross》(2013)

土橋庸人 + 山田岳(アコースティックギター、エレクトリックギター)

神奈川県立相模湖交流センター 2020年10月13-15日 [1] – [8]
Bluetree Studio 2020年11月11日 [9]


(c)Naoko Kochi

土橋庸人(つちはし つねひと)
ベルリン・ハンスアイスラー音楽大学大学院修了。リリエンフェルト(オーストリア)の音楽祭に招待、ドイツ文化センターにてクリスティーネ・イヴァノヴィッチによるエーリッヒ・フリートの「イザナギとイザナミ」の講演に出演。第一回パン・パシフィック現代音楽コンクール アンサンブルの部 第一位。ウィーン・ギターフォーラム国際コンクール 現代音楽賞、競楽XIIIにて、入選及び審査員特別奨励賞を受賞。これまでにギターを松居孝行、佐藤紀雄、D. ゲーリッツの各氏に師事。

山田岳(やまだ がく)

[1] Helmut Lachenmann (1935- ):《Salut für Caudwell》(1977)

[2] Tomoko Fukui (1960- ):《doublet III》(2017/2020)

Brian Ferneyhough (1943- ):《No time (at all)》(2004)
 [3] I.
 [4] II.
 [5] III.
 [6] IV.
 [7] V.

[8] Toru Nakatani (1979- ):《2_1/64_1》(2009)

[9] Alvin Lucier (1931- ):《Criss-Cross》(2013)


Tsunehito Tsuchihashi + Gaku Yamada

Tsunehito Tsuchihashi and Gaku Yamada began their partnership in Berlin in 2010.
They channel their boundless energy into traversing, through the guitar, a vast musical world which lays beyond the constraints of time, from the renaissance to avant-garde, experimental music and stage performance.
Having gained the confidence of contemporary composers, they have premiered numerous new works.

Tsunehito Tsuchihashi
After graduating from the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, Tsunehito Tsuchihashi was invited to the Lilienfeld music festival in Austria. He also appeared with Christine Ivanovic in a performance, held at the Tokyo Goethe Institute, of ‘Izanagi und Izanami’ by Erich Fried. He won first prize in the ensemble section of the Pan Pacific Contemporary Music Competition. He won the contemporary music prize at the Forum Gitarre Wien International Competition and was a finalist and winner of the jury special award at the Kyogaku XIII contemporary music competition. He has studied the guitar with Takayuki Matsui, Norio Sato and Daniel Göritz.

Gaku Yamada
Guitarist Gaku Yamada, a specialist in contemporary music who has premiered numerous new works, has in recent years branched out into performance art which goes beyond musical instruments, collaborating with dancers and plastic artists on stage works and trying out new approaches to artistic expression.

He has released two albums ‘Ostinati’ and ‘melodia’ on the ALM Records label. They have garnered a great deal of attention as striking recordings which highlight the possibilities of the guitar. They have both been well received, having been selected as ‘tokusenban’ (editor’s choice) by the Records Geijutsu music magazine and nominated for the Record Academy Awards.