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teionduo [Takashi Matsudaira (voice / baritone) × Shinya Hashimoto (tuba, serpent)]

レコード芸術 準特選盤
音楽現代 推薦盤


[1] 徳永崇(b.1973):感情ポリフォニー (2016/2017)
[2] 湯浅譲二(b.1929):ジョルジオ・デ・キリコ (2015)
[3] 山本和智(b.1975):高音化低音 (2017)
高橋悠治(b.1938):明日も残骸 しいんと ぼうふらに摑まって (2018)
 [4] 明日も残骸
 [5] しいんと
 [6] ぼうふらに摑まって
[7] 川上統(b.1979):児童鯨 (2016)
[8] 木下正道(b.1969):双子素数Ⅰ (2011)

〈録音〉五反田文化センター 2018年3月13-14日



Shinya Hashimoto
(photo: Hiroyuki Matsukage)
Takashi Matsudaira【松平敬(声/バリトン)】


[1] Takashi Tokunaga: Emotive polyphony (2016/2017)
[2] Joji Yuasa: Giorgio de Chirico (2015)
[3] Kazutomo Yamamoto: Sopranized Bass (2017)
Yuji Takahashi: asu mo zangai ― shiin to ― bofura ni tsukamatte (2018)
 [4] asu mo zangai
 [5] shiin to
 [6] bofura ni tsukamatte
[7] Osamu Kawakami: Gray Whale (2016)
[8] Masamichi Kinoshita: Twin Prime I (2011)

Recording Location: Gotanda Cultual Center Music Hall, 13-14 March 2018

Takashi Matsudaira (baritone) and Shinya Hashimoto (tuba, serpent) make up this unusual duo. Since getting together in 2006 for the premiere of the tuba and baritone version of Joji Yuasa's ‘Observations on Weather Forecasts’, they have commissioned and premiered more than thirty compositions. They also regularly perform medieval and renaissance biphonic works, thus expanding the world of low register two-part music. Their CD ‘Rotation’ was released by Kojima Recordings in 2015.

Takashi Matsudaira, voice / baritone
Takashi Matsudaira completed both under-graduate and graduate studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts. A specialist in contemporary music, he has premiered more than one hundred works by composers such as Joji Yuasa, Yori-Aki Matsudaira and Akira Nishimura, and has fiendishly difficult works by Stockhausen and Xenakis in his repertoire. He has performed at events such as the Suntory Foundation for Arts’ Summer Festival and the Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation ‘Composium’. His solo recordings include the overdubbed solo a cappella ‘MONO=POLI’ (which won an Excellence Award at the 2010 Agency for Cultural Affairs National Arts Festival), ‘Utakata’, and ‘Extended Voices’. At present he teaches at Seitoku University and Bunkyo University.

Shinya Hashimoto, tuba & serpent
Tuba and serpent player Shinya Hashimoto has performed as a soloist at events such as the Suntory Foundation for Arts’ Summer Festival (2008, 2010 and 2016), Composium 2009, HIROSHIMA HAPPY NEW EAR19, Akiyoshidai’s Summer Seminar, Tokyo Opera City Recital Series “From Bach to Contemporary Music”, and the NHK-FM 'Masterworks' recital series. He is a part-time lecturer at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. He is a member of the 'Tokyo Gen'On Project' (winner of the 2014 Saji Keizo Prize) and is active as a member of teionduo.