Chants du Rhin

ALCD-9160 税抜価格2,800円 2016/07/07発売<br> JAN 4530835 111375新納 洋介(ピアノ)
Yosuke Niino, piano

レコード芸術 準特選盤
音楽現代 推薦盤

[1] J. S. バッハ/ブゾーニ編:シャコンヌ ニ短調 BWV1004

 [2] Ⅰ L’aurore 夜明け
 [3] Ⅱ Le départ 出発
 [4] Ⅲ Les rêves 夢
 [5] Ⅳ La bohémienne ジプシー女
 [6] Ⅴ Les confidences 打ち明け話
 [7] Ⅵ Le retour 帰還

ショパン:4つのマズルカ 作品68
 [8] Op. 68-1 in C major
 [9] Op. 68-2 in A minor
 [10] Op. 68-3 in F major
 [11] Op. 68-4 in F minor

シューベルト:幻想曲 ハ長調「さすらい人幻想曲」D 760
 [12] 第1楽章 Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo
 [13] 第2楽章 Adagio
 [14] 第3楽章 Presto
 [15] 第4楽章 Allegro

新納 洋介(ピアノ)

〈録音〉彩の国さいたま芸術劇場 2015年8月27〜28日


新納 洋介(ピアノ)

[1] Johann Sebastian Bach / Ferruccio Busoni: Chaconne in D minor BWV1004

Georges Bizet: Chants du Rhin
 [2] Ⅰ L’aurore
 [3] Ⅱ Le départ
 [4] Ⅲ Les rêves
 [5] Ⅳ La bohémienne
 [6] Ⅴ Les confidences
 [7] Ⅵ Le retour

Frédéric François Chopin: 4 Mazurkas Op. 68
 [8] Op. 68-1 in C major
 [9] Op. 68-2 in A minor
 [10] Op. 68-3 in F major
 [11] Op. 68-4 in F minor

Franz Schubert: Fantasy in C major “Wanderer Fantasy” D 760
 [12] I. Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo
 [13] II. Adagio
 [14] III. Presto
 [15] IV. Allegro

Recording Location: Saitama Arts Theater, 27-28 August 2015

Yosuke Niino, piano
 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and the attached high school. Entered Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris -CNR-, and graduated in 2000 with the honor of the first prize by all the judges. Continued to study in the soloist course at the same conservatory and graduated in 2002.
 Won a number of music competitions including the 2nd prize at 49th Concurs International Maria Canals de Barcelona, the 1st prize at the Europe Music Competition, the 1st prize at Concours de Piano Madeleine de Valmalete, the 1st prize at the chamber music department of the France International Competition. Participated in some international music festivals in Europe including Monaco, Evian and Nohant. Held a series of well-received recital concerts in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011 at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan hall. Performed with Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra, and others both in Japan and Europe. Taught at Tokyo University of the Arts from 2008 to 2013. Released the first CD Album “Brahms / Yosuke NIINO”by Harmony Corporation in 2011.
 Studied the piano under Reiko Aoki, Yoshie Kora, Akiyoshi Sako, Hitoshi Toyama, Takahiro Sonoda, P.Réach, G.Mounier and P.B.Skoda.
 Now teaching at Kunitachi College of Music, Tokoha University Junior College, Komoro high school and Kai Seika high school.