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Yumi Nara・Toru Otake・Yasuyuki Tanaka

音楽現代 推薦盤

[1]  I.  ......9’40”
[2]  II.  ......18’50”
[3]  III. ......28’50”


ライブ録音:座・九条 2014年12月15日 I. & II. / 2018年2月3日 III.


録音も多く「ドビュッシー歌曲集」(Pf:クロード・ラヴォワ)[Cypres] は仏音楽誌『ル・モンド』が最高推薦盤に挙げている。

大竹 徹(おおたけ とおる)

田中康之(たなか やすゆき)

[1]  I.  ......9’40”
[2]  II.  ......18’50”
[3]  III. ......28’50”

Yumi Nara voice, rin, shells
Toru Otake viola
Yasuyuki Tanaka percussion [III.]

Live Recording: at Za-Kujo, 15 December 2014 I. & II. / 3 February 2018 III.

Yumi Nara, soprano
Yumi has loved Gregorian chant, Shigin and the tango since childhood. After graduating from Soai University, she received a French government scholarship and studied at the Paris Conservatory, where she was noticed by Olivier Messiaen. Composers such as Pascal Dusapan, Nguyen Thien Dao, Jean-Claude Éloy, Yoshihisa Taira and Yoritsuné Matsudaira have dedicated their compositions to her.
Her performances of ‘Pierrot lunaire’ by Schoenberg, the solo opera ‘Trois contes de l'Honorable Fleur’ by Maurice Ohana, and ‘Shéhérazade’ by Ravel have been widely acclaimed.
She has been commissioned by the French government on numerous occasions to perform French songs in Eastern Europe and Russia. Her performances in ‘Butsumyoe’ by Jean-Claude Éloy, which uses a text from ‘The Life of an Amorous Woman’ by Ihara Saikaku, and in the solo opera ‘The Tale of Genji’ by Yoritsuné Matsudaira, have highlighted ways for connecting Japanese music and culture with western contemporary music.
Joint improvisatory performances with artists such as Ghédalia Tazartès, Michel Portal and Alain Kremski have been used in contemporary ballet and film music. She also appeared in ‘The Bone’ and ‘The Mahabharata’ directed by Peter Brook.
She sang Mélisande in Debussy’s opera ‘Pelléas et Mélisande’ in a production which took place in Tokyo, conducted by Jean Fournet. Her numerous recordings include a collection of songs by Debussy (Claude Laviox, piano) on the Cypres label which was highly recommended by the French music magazine ‘Le Monde de la musique’.

Toru Otake, viola
Originally a classical violist who suddenly became aware of the world of improvisation and began to experience the stage alongside dancers and other performers. Always looking for ‘joy in the moment’.

Yasuyuki Tanaka, percussion
Percussionist Yasuyuki Tanaka lives in Kyoto. His ‘borderless’ career involves dance, theatre, film and improvisation. His duo album ‘prototerra’ with violist Toru Otake was released in hi-res in 2015 by Infranoise.