柳田孝義 ヴィオラ協奏曲「ハルモニアの祈り」
A Grace of Harmonia

ALCD-111 税抜価格2,800円 2015/12/07発売<br> JAN 4530835 111092
大井剛史(指揮) 青木篤子(ヴィオラ) 東京交響楽団(管弦楽)ほか

Takeshi Ooi (conductor) Atsuko Aoki (viola)
Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

柳田 孝義:

[1]-[3] ヴィオラ協奏曲「ハルモニアの祈り」(2014)
1. I
2. II
3. III

[4]-[8] 5つの回廊(木管五重奏のための)(2008)
4. I
5. II
6. III
7. IV
8. V
アミューズ・クインテット/ 若松純子(フルート) 杉原由希子(オーボエ) 大浦綾子(クラリネット) 松坂 隼(ホルン) 井上俊次(ファゴット)

[9]-[12] オーロラの彼方から…(英詩朗読を伴うオーケストラのための)(2010)
9. I
10. II
11. III
12. IV
拝仙マイケル(英詩朗読) 十束尚宏(指揮) 東京交響楽団(管弦楽)

[13]-[17] ヴァリュラン(クラリネットと弦楽四重奏のための)(1994)
13. I
14. II
15. III
16. IV
17. V
佐川聖二クラリネット五重奏団/ 佐川聖二(クラリネット) 小森谷巧(第1ヴァイオリン) 佐川裕子(第2ヴァイオリン) ブルース・プラム(ヴィオラ) ベアンテ・ボーマン(チェロ)


 第38回日本音楽コンクール作曲部門第一位作曲賞を受賞。第52回、第54回文化庁芸術祭優秀賞(オーケストラ・プロジェクト)。第1回F. Ticheli国際作曲コンテスト(New York)第三位入賞、2005年、North Pacific Music (Portland, Oregon, USA)から「現代日本の最も透明な抒情性を湛えた作曲家」と評価を受けオーケストラ作品集が出版されている。
 同年新たなオーケストラ作品集をALM RECORDSから出版。他にウインドオーケストラ、室内楽、合唱作品など多数の楽譜が出版されている。

Takayoshi Yanagida:
● [1]-[3] Viola Concerto “A Grace of Harmonia" (2014)
Atsuko Aoki, viola / Takeshi Ooi, conductor / Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

● [4]-[8] Five Galleries for Wind Quintet (2008)
Amuse Quintet
(Junko Wakamatsu, flute / Yukiko Sugihara, oboe / Ayako Oura, clarinet / Shun Matsuzaka, horn / Toshitsugu Inoue, bassoon)

● [9]-[12] From Beyond the Aurora Borealis… for Orchestra accompanied by English poems (2010)
Michael Huissen, reading / Naohiro Totsuka, conductor / Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

● [13]-[17] Valhulin for Clarinet & String Quartet (1994)
Seiji Sagawa Clarinet Quintet (Seiji Sagawa Clarinet Quintet / Takumi Komoriya, 1st violin / Hiroko Sagawa, 2nd violin / Bruce Plumb, viola / Berndt Bohman, cello)

Born in 1948 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Studied composition at Musashino Music University and Graduate School under Klaus Pringsheim and at Munich National Music University under Harald Genzmer
First prize winner in the composition category at the 38th Music Competition of Japan. Received Outstanding Achievement Awards at the 52nd and 54th Cultural Affairs Agency Arts Festival (Orchestra Project). Third prize winner at the First F. Ticheli International Composition Contest (New York).
Included in the Orchestral Portfolio of “Contemporary Japan’s Composers of High Lyricism”, published by North Pacific Music (Portland, Oregon) in 2005.
Conducted lecture concerts of his own works at Sweden’s Lund University Graduate School in Malmö and at the Grieg Academy of Norway’s Bergen University in 2009. He has particularly close relationships with Scandinavian artists, perhaps due to his being from Hokkaido.
Also in 2009 another collection of his orchestral works was published by ALM RECORDS. He has also published many other scores of chamber and choral music as well as for wind orchestra.
His textbooks include Learning Counterpoint from Masterpieces and Learning Harmony from Masterpieces.
At present he is a professor, dean of faculty of education at Bunkyo University. He was Secretary-General of the Japan Electronic Keyboard Music Society and is a member of the Japanese society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, the Japan society for Contemporary Music, and the Japan Federation of Composers Inc.